Four Corner Display Lid boxes

A packaging that has four corners with show lid is right alternative for display of retail products. It is predicated on a four corner strive style design that provides the retailers a chance to maximise their on-line sales. Moreover, the receptacle a part of this packaging is rolled-up throughout the printing and production time for guaranteeing convenience of transit and for saving space. The corners of a display lid box come back featured with the diagonal score for permitting the try sides to fold inwards.

In addition to all or any the technical features, this packaging also comes with a show tuck panel lid together with crease in the center so as to permit lid to fold in half. If you're keen to grasp regarding the form of stock we have a tendency to use during this packaging, we offer a full vary of cardstocks to suit your business requirements. Moreover, we ensure that printing quality, likewise as stock used, is of premium quality to match your expectation level.

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